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June 8, 2013-     Listen
"Real" Retirement Planning
Director of Clinical Services explains that no one gets sick or injured, or ages in a vacuum. The importance of making your wishes known now, in the event that you are not able to speak, is critical to ensuring that your wishes are honored.

June 1, 2013-     Listen
The Privileges and Responsibilities of Aging
Along with the senior citizen discounts, respect, leisure, health insurance, and pensions that come with aging, we are also responsible to plan for the inevitable financial, health, home, and mobility changes that will happen.

May 25, 2013-     Listen
NH Budget Contradiction
The NH Senate voted to spend more than the House budget only weeks after the State Finance Budget Chair Chuck Morse (R) reported that the House budget had a $300 million "hole" in it.

May 18, 2013-     Listen
Being Alone versus Loneliness
Loneliness has always been deemed a risk to the elderly living at home. However, a recent study shows that people who have little contact with people are more likely to die than even lonely people who are around other human beings.

May 11, 2013-     Listen
Affordable Care Acting Up
Anne and Patricia discuss the impact of "the act" on Presidential Oaks, its employees, and area health care providers.

May 4, 2013-     Listen
The Accelerating Aging of Our State
10,000 Baby-Boomers turn 65 every day. Who will care for the elderly as seniors from around the nation look to New Hampshire for their retirement living wants and needs.

April 27, 2013-     Listen
Boston Bombing Affects
Emergency preparedness in a licensed facility is critical. We recommend that you ask about evacuation drills, fire drills, and security feature.

April 20, 2013-     Listen
Bulldog's Beginnings
Brian Tilton has been in radio for 18 years. Radio is technical – equipment, time, subject matter, and guests. Anne and Brian also discuss New Hampshire's "Transparency" website.

April 13, 2013-     Listen
Questions From Caller
What happened to New Hampshire Odd Fellows Home? What does 5-Star mean? Do you take over someone house when they move in?

April 6, 2013-     Listen
Deficiency Free
Hear what "deficiency free", "5-star", and "quality assurance" means to the a licensed facility and its guests.

March 30, 2013-     Listen
Lunch & Learn
Concord Regional VNA partners with Presidential Oaks to provide an educational series for the active older adult.

March 16, 2013-     Listen
130 Years a NH Odd Fellows Home History
Patricia and Anne follow the time line of the NH Odd Fellows Home for Widows and Orphans to today's 5-Star Presidential Oaks Retirement Community.

March 9, 2013-     Listen
The ABC's of CPR
Recently in the news was a story of a nursing home that allegedly refused to provide cardiac pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)to an elderly woman who later died at the hospital. Hear the real story behind CPR, when it's used and when it's not used.

March 2, 2013-     Listen
Go, Go, Going Green
More than just environmentally friendly, retirement communities like Presidential Oaks are convert to cleaning systems that are people and pet friendly, effective of stubborn germs and viruses, and either save time or money.

February 23, 2013-     Listen
Fiscal Cliff or Glen Cliff?
Glen Cliff Home is a nursing home run by the state. Budgets show 7% increase in FY2013 & FY2014 and 4% in FY2015 while Nursing Home Medicaid rates remain flat; Also, hear how healthcare is going green by reducing chemicals, packaging, and the cost of cleaning

February 16, 2013-     Listen
Hospitals and Schools Take on the State
The hospitals (that are in litigation over Medicaid reimbursement) asked the courts for a stay until CMS decides whether the state cut the rates illegally; The state Senate voted 23-0 to approve a bill to halt the decrease in state education funding for 77 communities after the Department of Education erroneously told communities they would receive the same state aid as they did in fiscal 2012 and 2011.

February 9, 2013-     Listen
Norovirus Defined and Defeated
Noroviruses are responsible for 50% of all gastroenteritis outbreaks worldwide, and cannot be grown in a petrie dish; There is no vaccine and alcohol does not kill it; hear other ways to prevent the spread of this very serious disease.

February 2, 2013-     Listen
Medicaid, Medicare, You Say Tomato
Medicaid is expanding coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but who pays for it? While Medicare is cracking down on coverage, and, again, who is paying for that? Are either a sweetheart deal?

January 26, 2013-     Listen
Containing Things, Like Influenza and Beer
With 44 outbreaks in New Hampshire, hear how Presidential Oaks took swift action to contain its 2 cases; Hear how about the 7-step process that the CDC uses for investigating an outbreak; Governor Hassan will veto the beer tax hike; but will the Gas Tax go from 18 cents to 30 cents?

January 19, 2013-     Listen
A Walk on the Wild Side
The New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation recently released its 2013-2018 Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP), which walking paths for seniors; An update on "Hostess", and the Senior Citizen Discount of the Month!

January 12, 2013-     Listen
One "Flu" Over The...
Learn about the ABC's of The Influenza Virus, how it is survives and is transmitted, and how one actually "catches" the virus. Then hear about how to protect yourself and your family from "the flu".

January 5, 2013-     Listen
New Year's Resolution
The number three most commonly made resolution involves self- improvement through education and Home Instead Senior Care is offering FREE training for family caregivers of those suffering from memory loss.

December 29, 2012-     Listen
Auld Lang Sine
There are lots of New Year's events to enjoy in Portsmouth, Wolfeboro, Henniker, and right here in Concord.

December 22, 2012-     Listen
Help Around the Holiday
During the holidays we push ourselves to the limits. But there is help for those struggling with day to day tasks like shopping, cleaning, and laundry.

December 15, 2012-     Listen
A Beacon of Hope
Grieving during the holidays is stressful for both those suffering a loss and those who care about them. Join us as we discuss ways to celebrate those we have lost while respecting those who are grieving.

December 8, 2012-     Listen
Updates Galore!
Sun's Rehab will enhance Genesis Rehab; Sun's Solomar Hospice is sold to Life Choice Hospice which is partially owned by Genesis; The cost of nursing home care provided in the community remains ambiguous; Medicaid Managed Care still lacks an adequate provider network; and Senior Discount of the Month!

December 1, 2012-     Listen
Chain Nursing Homes Grow
23 of the 75 privately run nursing homes in New Hampshire are now owned by Genesis Eldercare following the purchase of Sun Bridge home. Was this necessary to offset cuts in both Medicare and Medicaid

November 24, 2012-     Listen
Un-Managed Care
The State of New Hampshire signed the largest contract in its history - $2.3 Billion (with a "b") - to start Medicaid Managed Care on January 1, 2013. However, hospitals are not joining the networks and $9 million of the $16 million savings has already been lost.

November 17, 2012-     Listen
The Fiscal Cliff
On (or about) January 1, 2013, the Bush Tax Cuts end, new Affordable Care Act taxes start, and Across-The-Board Budget Cuts take effect. To top it off, Walmart and Target are open on Thanksgiving and County Nursing Homes are losing millions.

November 10, 2012-     Listen
Veteran's Pension Benefits
In addition to commonly known benefits such as license plates, property tax credits, the Veterans Cemetary, the Veterans Home, and State Park Admissions, the Wartime Veterans' Pension can help pay for Assisted Living.

November 3, 2012-     Listen
Ovide Lomantagne Responds
Better Senior Living Radio contacted candidates from both sides of the aisle. Hear Ovide Lamontagne, republican candidate for Governor, respond to allegations of lobbying, ending Medicare, block granting, and how he will manage Medicaid.

October 27, 2012-     Listen
Congressman Bass Responds
Better Senior Living Radio contacted candidates from both sides of the aisle. Hear Congressman Charlie Bass respond to allegations of corruption, the future of Medicare, and giving himself a raise.

October 20, 2012-     Listen
You Asked For It!
Hear what our listeners have to say and to ask…senior discounts, over 55 communities, starting the talk, and negative ads are just some of the topics.

October 13, 2012-     Listen
Just Kidding Around
Dr. Bill Thomas, founder of "The Eden Alternative" observed animals, gardens, and children as being critical to senior life. Certified Eden Alternative Associate, Anne Purington, and Presidential Oaks Children's Center Director, Brandy Alfieri, discuss their Inter-Generational Programs.

October 6, 2012-     Listen
Staying Warm & Connected
Power outages and icy roads keep seniors from being with friends and family, eating properly, and even getting their medications. Some communities offer meal plans, but in another building…some communities have back-up power, but many do not.

September 29, 2012-     Listen
Livin' On Lonely Street
Loneliness is one of the 3 Plagues according to Dr. Bill Thomas, the creator of Eden Alternative. Loneliness leads to reduced activity, weight loss and more...

September 22, 2012-     Listen
Let's Get Physical
Staying physical builds bones, improves balance, increase circulation, and builds self-esteem. We'll even discuss how some activities can improve brain power...

September 15, 2012-     Listen
Double Duty Dementia
Moving into a new community can seem daunting, but we'll walk through the process with Laurie Mantz, Executive Director of The Birches at Concord.

September 8, 2012-     Listen
Memory Care Today
Memory Care communities are built differently, staffed differently, and run differently. That requires planning, training, and a vision.

September 1, 2012-     Listen
The Skinny On Skin II
After learning the basic of skin, our largest organ, listen to ways that it tells us stories and ways to take care of it.

August 25, 2012-     Listen
The Skinny On Skin I
The largest organ on our body, this marvel cools and heats, protects and cleanses, and much more. But the layers are many and need special care.

August 18, 2012-     Listen
The Medicaid Maze
The Nursing Home Medicaid Program is just one many programs and requires a financial application as well as a clinical assessment, both of which can be complicated.

August 11, 2012-     Listen
Cover Your Assets
Attorney Tina Annis shares the benefits and drawbacks of trusts, will, and other asset and estate planning tools and strategies.

August 4, 2012-     Listen
The "C" in CSI
Due to dementia, cultural backgrounds, or social stygmas, seniors are always forthcoming with their ailments. Enter the Geriatric Nurse with her investigation tool kit.

July 28, 2012-     Listen
Sub-Specialty Nursing
Geriatric puts the "C" back in Caring. They listen, watch, treat, and medicate. But they also oversee meals, social interactions, personal hygiene and more.

July 21, 2012-     Listen
NH's Silver Tsunami
By 2015 there will nearly 500,000 in the state - that's 1/3 of the population. Businesses can diversify to capitalize on this, but can we keep enough young folks?

July 14, 2012-     Listen
Fear of Falling
Some say the worse injury from a fall is "fear of falling", which leads to dehydration, deconditioning, and more falls.

July 7, 2012-     Listen
Falling for You
Did you know that 1 out of 3 seniors falls, but less than half tell anyone? Seniors sustain over 2 million injuries from falls every year at a cost of $28 billion.

June 30, 2012-     Listen
License, Please
Not all communities are alike and licensed communities offer amenities that other communities might not like 24 hour staffing, back-up electricity, and more.

June 23, 2012-     Listen
Licensed To Fill
We sort out all of the many senior living choices to help you decide which type will best meet your needs.

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Presidential Oaks accepts generous donation from Saturley family

9/30/16- John L. and Doris M. Saturley were known for their generosity when it came to causes near and dear to their hearts. The philanthropic couple not only donated funds but volunteered many hours to various boards, committees and associations. Their passion for giving was remembered at the Annual Meeting at New Hampshire Odd Fellows Home dba Presidential Oaks on Wednesday during... read more

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